One of the Rarest and Most Valuable Colours of Diamond

Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and expensive. Pink is one of the rarest and most desirable colours. The Darya-i-Nur diamond is the largest pink diamond in the world at about 185 carats.

Natural or Enhanced?

Natural pink diamonds are so rare that most jewellers have never seen one and will never own one. In recent years, treatment processes have been developed to alter the colour of some diamonds.

How Rare?

Among the largest diamonds in the world only 1 out of the top 66 is pink, although there are a number of other famous pink diamonds. In recent years the Argyle mine in Australia has produced a relatively large number of fancy coloured diamonds including pink ones. Surprisingly, the increased availability of pink diamonds has increased the interest and demand for pink diamonds. Argyle now produces about 90% of the total world supply of pink diamonds.

How Expensive?

Quality for quality, fancy pink diamonds are more expensive than ordinary near-colourless ones. There have been astronomical prices quoted for pink diamonds but they can be sourced in small numbers at reasonable prices. Most pink diamonds, even enhanced ones, are more expensive than white ones of similar quality. Natural pinks are more valuable than enhanced, deep intense colours are generally more expensive than pale pinks. There are obviously many different varieties of pink, the “nicest” pinks are the most desirable and most expensive.

What About Rubies or Pink Sapphires?

Why bother to get so excited about pink diamonds, when we could use rubies or pink sapphires instead? The very best sapphires are quite expensive and they still do not have the sparkle that pink diamonds possess. In addition even though sapphires are very hard and durable, diamonds are many times harder and even more durable.