More common gemstone or crystals used and are helpful around computers are Lapiz lazuli, Moonstone, Sodalite, Pink and Black Tourmaline, Kunzite, Emerald, Rose Quarts Aquamarine and Himalayan Salt Crystals.



It is a realization that most individuals spend a lot of time indoors.

With the onset on popularity of computers, digital tvs, and other electrical devices, We are inundated with “electrical smog”. A study had noted that there must be a balance of positive ions as well as negative Ions around us.

As Air is known to be electrically charged, contains positive and negatives ions caused by charged molecules. Devices such as computers, microwaves, cell phones can bring about depression, Moodiness, and sometimes insomnia. There is so much positive ion in our environment caused by the discharge from the electrical charges caused by digital devices. The Himalayan Salt Lamp had been proven to help balance the air quality because it emits negative ions.

Negative Ions which the Himalayan Salt emits brings a balance of well being as well
as good health. Studies have found that Himalayan Salt clears the air from pollen, smoke, dust mites, odour, mould spores as well as the common dust.

Because of the negative ions emitting from the Himalayan salt, it prevents and relieves individuals of depression, chronic fatigue as well as hay fever. Placements of your Himalayan salt can be next to your computer, anywhere in your
office, smoky areas in your home or office, children’s room. Any room that you think needs air cleansing, you need to consider placing Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt are also good around your meditation areas or massage areas. Himalayan salt also helps the surrounding environment around you to be calm and relaxed.


Crystals and gemstones have been known to play an integral part in our lives.
Gemstones and crystals are chosen for their beauty and color. Sometimes crystals and gemstones are chosen for their attraction to an individual. In the ancient times, gemstones and crystals were and is still used for their healing as well as their magical powers and had been known to be transmitters of energy.

Each gemstone or crystal have their own vibrations. These vibrations can help with the strengthening and balance of oneself.

The energies are enhanced by crystals and gemstones and help an individual to find their inner self therefore helping them with their relationships with other people.
Crystals and gemstones had been widely used in assembling and production of electrical devices like personal computers, cell phones, laser technology, and other communication equipment.

Crystals and gemstones are known to amplify, transfer, emit, store and has the ability to focus distribution of energy. Crystals and gemstones are also widely used to lessen the stress and discomfort of daily living in the modern world created by the electromagnetic radiation caused by modern electrical devices.

Stress can sometimes be relieved by wearing crystals as pendants, rings, bracelets or even earrings because they can change the imbalance and an individual’s vibrations.

Crystals and gemstones are known to balance a home or office environment by careful placement in different areas that needs a balance of energy. Some studies have found that placing particular gemstones or crystals around your computer can help reduce the radiation emitted by the device.

More common gemstone or crystals used and are helpful around computers are: lapiz lazuli, moonstone, sodalite, pink tourmaline, kunzite emerald, rose quarts and aquamarine. Other stones that are known to protect an individual and should be worn clos eto the body are diamonds, ruby or topaz. Crystals and gemstones have always been know to alleviate any stresses, brings balance in oneself, help with ones consciousness.

Other gemstones and crystals bring abundance and success, like Citrine.



It has been highly suggested that Black Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone to turn negativity into positivity. Black Tourmaline has the property to enhance well being surrounding yourself with all things that are positive.

Black Tourmaline can be carved into jewellery as pendants, bracelets, rings and
necklaces. Australian Black Tourmalines can be highly polished and faceted to create absolutely enchanting pieces of jewellery most common are pendants.

Using Black Tourmaline can rid one of obsessive disorders, turning stress into
calm, disorder to orderly. A study by scientists have found that vibrations from the Black Tourmaline rids any radiation from electrical devices. Wearing Black Tourmaline gets rid of the emission of bad radiation from computers, allowing a balance for the body. Black Tourmalines can also use as a grounding crystal.

Black Tourmalines are used widely by healers as it enhances psychic powers during meditation. Keeping Black Tourmaline in your bedroom creates calm and a restful sleep. Having Black Tourmaline close to your body like a pendant, bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings can help you with the correct vibration in your body’s system. Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystals because it has the ability to such up all the negativity around your environment, turning it into positive energy.


According to recent research, its been found that sitting for long hours on computers can cause depression and also mild insomnia.

Recent findings also state that many individuals experience headaches, sometimes backaches, sitting for long hours in front of computers. Constantly looking at
computer screen can also cause eye strain. It has been noted that working with computer for long hours can sometimes lead to anti social behaviour.

Imagine instead of interacting with a human, you are stuck in front of the computer, therefore lessening the time for social activity.

According to Psychology Professor Cary Cooper from the University of Manchester
Institute of Science and Technology said concern was growing over mental health
problems cause by working with computers. His study found that working with machines as opposed to other people can pose a problem.

It’s been found that people don’t have the time to take time or break from working
with computers, therefore they are inundated with the workload and cannot break
away from their computer work. All over the world there’s been a lot of concern about computer addiction. There had been findings that people of all ages are getting addicted to online social networks as well as online games.

Studies had found out that individual’s glue themselves in front of computers
notwithstanding the consequences that sometimes they forget to eat, clean
bath themselves. There is also concern that the loss of being able to write is eminent.

As everyone now is confined to using the computers, they do not need writing
skills using their fingers with running writing just pressing on computer keyboards.

A major concern also that different generations are in danger of loosing
greater communication because the younger ones prefer to sit infront
of their computers instead of assimilating with their older relatives.
There have also been cases written in newspapers about widespread attacks on
social media/network about negative comments on an individual which is now
being termed as “cyber bullying”.

A few articles have touched on this subject because there was a case of a teenage suicide because she was “bullied” online. This made news when a teenager was so depressed, then she therefore had hung herself. It was also reported that even when she died, still negative comments about her circulated online.


Coming across an article by Baroness Susan Greenfield,Director of the Royal Institution and Oxford Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology made sense to me.
It was explained that the human brain is sensitive to every event.

Responsiveness to change and quick to adapt because of the humans prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex becomes fully active during the teenage years. In the study it touches on if there’s damage to the prefrontal cortex, senses and movements are impaired but the change in attitude such as recklessness and the loss of sense of sequences and consequences, of narrative and of your place in these sequences are inevitable.

Small young children have no comprehension of the consequences. In her hypothesesis, if scans were made on the brains of young children who spend a
lot of time playing computer games and chatrooms, you will likely find that their
prefrontal cortex are damaged, underdeveloped or underactive, like the gamblers
and schizophrenics or the obese.

Gamblers know the result of gambling but they still do it. Obese people know that if they eat too much they will be fat but will still keep eating. These attitude are related to the sensory, self centredness and there and now instead of sequence and consequences.

These people can sometimes confuse between watching computer screens and reality
They see life in their virtual world, they have lost the sense of thought.

When we read a book, the author takes us by the hand and we travel from the
beginning, middle then the end of the story. This gives us the the understanding
of the interconnection from the beginning, middle and end of the story of the book.
This will then aid us to compare one narrative with another and so we can build up a conceptual framework that helps us evaluate further journeys which will then influence our individual framework.

This narrative is the basis of traditional education – aiding us to understand andturn information into knowledge. If there is no solid conceptual framework and you are sitting infront of a multimedia presentation you will not be able to evaluate what is flashing on the screen because you have not experienced many or different journeys. You will just have an experience, but not the experience of learning. The fast moving media presentation does not allow us to reflect and contemplate or imagine what course we may take as we turn the page of the book and then spend time to reflect on.

Watching the computer screen is a screen life of no memory. The brain must be stimulated and has many chemical reactions, one of which releases dopamine, associated with the sensual gratification and can influence the prefrontal cortex.

It is imperative to understand sequences and consequences is to think, to proceed from the sensory to the cognitive, to understand the interrelation of things beyond the here and now, this notice of sequences, is what we mean by thinking.

It is crucial in ones life to understand this. One cannot live life backwards then start again. The notion of narrative is that you cannot go either way with the click of the mouse and then go back again. But with computer games, you can. You can start again.

Living this way on a daily basis with using computers and in neurochemical terms,
shows the same regards for consequences and confusion between reality and the screen life.

Those exposed to this kind of environment can be emotionally stunted because if nothing has narrative and meaning, then you do not have narrative and meaning
“excerpts from article on Mail online by Baroness Susan Greenfield”


I came across Natural, article by Mike Adams stating facts that Researches have found a third type of diabetes type 3, affecting people who are highly sensitive to modern day electrical devices that emit “dirty” electricity.

The article stated that type 3 diabetes increased blood sugar levels and heart rate
due to exposure to electrical pollution from devices like computers, televisions,cordless and mobile phones, as well as fluorescent light bulbs.

An article from Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine published a study by Dr. Magda Havas,a PhD from Trent University in Canada, gave results of the correlation between Diabetes and electromagnetic field.

According to the finding on this subject, states that people whose blood sugar decreases when they go for a walk and who are electro sensitive, demonstrated increase in their blood sugar levels when they walk on a treadmill. Treadmills are considered a device that emit electrical pollution.

According to Mike Adams, this research is fascinating because it shows that electromagnetic waves impact blood sugar and heart rate and there could be millions of misdiagnosed diabetics.

Full article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of