Ametrine is not treated in any way.

Ametrine comes in bands of yellow and purple. The colors only reach a medium level of saturation and are never very dark. Ametrine typically exhibits an abrupt color transition.   As for color,  The two colors don’t offer choices, cut is all that counts.

Ametrine is most typically faceted in a rectangular shape with a 50/50 pairing of Amethyst and Citrine,  Sometimes a checkerboard pattern of facets is added to the top to increase light reflection. Ametrine can also be cut to blend the two colors so that the resulting stone is a mix of yellow, purple, and peach tones throughout the stone. Ametrine is also popular among artistic cutters and carvers who play with the colors, creating landscapes in the stone

As of now ametrine hasn’t earned any fame. There is the possibility that ametrine will become very rare due to the shortage of deposits.   Please be aware of the source of your ametrine when the appearance provides perfection!

Many of the Ametrine in larger sizes with a perfect look and deep burgundy and golden color is synthetic / Lab created or a treated quartz which is dyed and irradiated.

We suggest that you look for traditional colors in Amethyst,  Most larger sized amethyst in darker or different colors are not amethyst at all,  We will be looking at this gem in the months to come and request testing if the gem does not look athentic.

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, hence the name ame-trine. It is a transparent crystal characterized by its yellow and purple combinations. Ametrine is found naturally. It has not been heat treated or otherwise enhanced. Ametrine was introduced to Europe through the Conquistadors’ gifts to the Spanish queen. The Anahi Mine in Bolivia is the major world producer of ametrine.

The astrological sign for Ametrine is Libra. Some believe that the gem possess all the metaphysical properties of both amethyst and citrine joined, together with its own unique properties. It is said that ametrine is a tool used for meditation, to relieve tension, disperse negativity, and to help eliminate prejudice.

One of the most important features when assessing ametrine is to look for the fine split in the colours and the intensity of the colours.

If you have any query about a gemstone, contact the seller. Some treatments of gemstones are quite sophisticated, and most verified gemstone sellers keep abreast of new treatments and enhancements available for gemstones.Sellers have a wealth of gemstone information.

For any investors, collectors or lovers of this gem, we recommend having a gemological identification Certificate of Authenticity. This is an independent report, from an approved gemology laboratory, issued by an independent gemologist.