Commemorate Venus, the Goddess of Love

Own an original Roman Coin, almost 2000 years old

Own an original Roman Coin,
almost 2000 years old

Genuine roman coin, almost 2000 years old, featuring Venus, the Goddess of Love!

This ancient silver coin, issued by Gordian III (234-244) celebrates Venus, the goddess of love. According to numismatic sources these silver coins were issued in honour of Gordians wedding with Sabinia Tranquillina in 241 AD.

Venus is the Roman goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, prosperity and victory. Through her son Aeneas, who fled to Italy during the fall of Troy, she was the mother of the Roman people and the emperor Julius Cesar claimed her as his ancestor. She was a central figure in many religious festivals and is still today referred as the goddess of Love.

Specifications of this genuine Roman silver coin:

Country Roman Empire
Year of Issue 241 AD
Ruler Gordian III, 238-244
Denomination Denaris
Mint Rom
Material Silver
Motif Draped and laureate bust right / Venus standing left, holding her helmet, sceptre and shield
Condition Very fine / extremely fine
Weight ca 3 g
Diameter ca 20 mm