1839 Rupee – Unique in private hands with two others in the Calcutta mint.

Obverse: Head to left. VICTORIA QUEEN This Pattern was produced by a native die cutter due to the slowness of the dies coming from London and the need for coinage. The fact that it was rejected has made it the most sought after coin of the whole British Indian series. This coin was last sold in Baldwin’s Auction 22 – The Sir John Wheeler Collection – £28,000 pounds (the highest price for any coin in his wonderful sale) and before that in the Brand and Nobleman auctions. It is not really a truly “beautiful” coin but, by every definition, it can be considered “cool” and we expect it once again to be proven the most valuable coin in this auction.

1860 Pattern Piedfort Rupee

Obverse: Crowned and robed Bust of Queen Victoria to left, VICTORIA QUEEN around. Reverse: ONE RUPEE INDIA 1860 within a scroll like wreath of India flora. It would be another two years before these coins would be produced for circulation but a lucky few received these piedforts as examples of what the Royal Mint had in mind for their Indian colonies.

1946 Bombay Pattern Rupee

Obverse: Bust left of George VI, GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR around IN SMALL LETTERS Reverse: Lion advancing left, ONE RUPEE INDIA 1946, One Rupee in Devnagri and Urdu around. No 1946 Rupees were struck for circulation, but two types of Patterns were considered. This is the small letters with the wide borders.

1941 Pattern Dollar, Pridmore no.1088A

Obverse: Head of George VI left, GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR around. Reverse: INDIA 1 DOLLAR 1941 in large letters, 2 RUPEES 8 ANNAS in smaller letters below DOLLAR. This was a Pattern for a coin that was never to be. One of the most important coins of the whole Indian series.

1919 Calcutta Orignal Double Proof Set of the Four Cupro-Nickel Coins.

As the Currency coins but two each of Choice Original Proofs of the 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-Annas in a fitted case with a silver crest on the outside stating “WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE MASTER OF THE MINT CALCUTTA 1919”.

1911 Original Four Piece Proof Set with Original Box

2-Annas, ¼-, ½- and 1-Rupee as circulation pieces with so-called PIG obverses. Brilliant Original Proofs in a burgundy box with a silver crown on the outside and written on the inside cover in gold leaf. “H.M.’s Mint. Calcutta.”