(Pictured: Staffordshire England ~ c. 1890 This is a 7 ” child’s transferware Alphabet plate , circa 1840. The plate is light weight and beautifully potted with a pearlware glaze. Credit: rubylane.com)

Manufacturers of earthenwares and china at Longton.
Lustre decoration a specialty.

  • Longton
  • 1859
  • 1942

Charles Allerton & Sons, Park Works, High Street, Longton, 1859-1942

This firm succeeded Allerton, Brough & Green.

Charles Allerton & Sons commenced manufacturing at the Park Works in Longton in 1859 and closed in 1942. They were taken over by Cauldon Potteries in 1912 but continued to use the Allerton Limited name.

Charles Allerton died around June 1863, but his four sons: William Allerton, John Bill Allerton, Charles Bradbury Allerton & Frederick James Allerton, continued the company under the original name, although before August 1887, only William & Charles Bradbury Allerton remained. Charles Bradbury retired in August 1887.

Taken over in 1912 by Cauldon Potteries Ltd., from which date they operated under the name of Allerton’s Ltd.
Many marks occur with the name or initials of this firm.

The printed marks shown here cause confusion because of the date (1831) incorporated in the marks; they were not used until the 20th century.

19th C ware was seldom marked.





These printed or impressed names and initials of differing design were used c.1890-1942.Often the name of the individual pattern was included.


Credits: http://www.thepotteries.org/