Pictured: Mr. Van der Bunt and his liquor collection

For premium liquor collectors, there could be virtually nothing better than to lay hands on an entire collection of rare liquors. No wonder the Domaine de la Romanee Conti auction in Hong Kong last year fetched above $800,000 at an auction. But now, what is set to take place in the records books as one of the most expensive, and also unique, is the complete liquor collection of Mr. Van der Bunt, a Dutch collector worth approximately $8 million. The highlight of the whole set is the 1795 Brugerolle cognac, which reportedly was a part of French Emperor, Napoleon Boneparte’s collection. However, there are close to 5,000 other bottles in this 250-year old collection set to go on sale.

Years ago, Mr. Bunt who happens to be a complete teatotaler, had promised his wife that he would sell his entire liquor collection by the time she retires. Now to make good on that promise, he is selling of the entire collection of rare liquor, which is known to be the largest in the world of its kind. Over the years, Mr. Bunt grew his collection further by bidding at famous auction events like that of Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and also buying from premium restaurants like the La Tour de Argent in Paris, and ended up creating this set of unique bottles, many of which are the last surviving of their kind. The star of them all however, is the 1795 Brugerolle Cognac 6-liter bottle, which is known to have been carried by French emperor Napoleon Boneparte during his conquests. Though individually priced at $170,000, Mr. Bunt is mainly looking at a buyer who would buy bigger chunks of the collection including this Cognac, and if possible, the entire lot all together.

1795 Brugerolle Cognac 6-liter bottle

1795 Brugerolle Cognac 6-liter bottle

The other interesting fact about this collection, is the 1760 bottle of cognac which would not be for sale. Known to be vintage heirloom grader, Mr. Bunt has managed to closely guard the bottle over the years and is looking to pass it on to future generations. We guess that the bottle would definitely we on display, for all to admire. We are left wondering for a second if Mrs. Bunt would approve! The positive side to it all is that many buyers from China and Russia have already approached him with their bids for the rest of the set. We wonder who those collectors might be, but sure are going to land themselves the jewels of vintage liquor collections.

The cellar of bottles for world's largest collection of liquor

The cellar of bottles for world’s largest collection of liquor

Via: Daily Telegraph/ Calgary Herald