turkey_largeBernard Matthews, the renowned Turkey Breeder celebrated 40 years in the turkey business and commissioned ‘Royal Doulton’ to produce a limited edition of 3,000 models entitled ‘The Turkey’, D6889, modelled by J.G. Tongue (Graham Tongue) the former head modeller of ‘Beswick’.

The model closely resembles the Beswick Turkey No. 1957 (1964-1969), modelled by Albert Hallam, Mr. Tongue’s predecessor.

Once the 3,000 run was complete, Bernard Matthews himself, destroyed the mould.Each model has the edition number inscribed on the base and has an accompanying certificate.

The Black Turkey

blturk3Bernard Matthews then commissioned a black variant of ‘The Turkey’, D.7149, also by Royal Doulton, this was to celebrate 50 years in the turkey business. As with its predecessor it was in a limited edition of 3000, with its own box and numbered certificate. Although issued ten years after the first model it has proved to be more desirable and commands a figure in excess of double of the original white variant D.6889 on the secondary market.