Marriage jugs are thought to often have been gifted to commemorate the weddings in the families of wealthy London merchants. They are very rare and therefore extremely sought after.

Recently an important English Delft marriage jug, dated 1647, has been commissioned for sale by a local vendor at Staffordshire auction house Cuttlestones. The age of this jug makes its survival remarkable and it is a truly rare antique.
Highly collectable, this piece carries the emblem of a Dutch merchant, giving it links to the era’s strong Dutch mercantile tradition, during which Amsterdam held great wealth and power over international trade. It is believed that Delftware production in England, particularly London, began as increasing numbers of Dutch merchants took a London base.

The striking blue and white jug, which is of conventional form with loop handle, is believed to have originated in Southwark. Beneath the merchant’s emblem is a central heart shaped cartouche with shaded detail which bears the initials ‘A and S M’ split by two arrows.

It carries an estimate of between £8,000 & £12,000.