Collecting seems to fall in to four categories;

  • Early coloured glaze wares from c1760 to 1800 typified by the classic Whieldon type glazes.
  • Plain uncoloured
  • Creamware body with hand painted overglaze enamels.
  • Creamware body with underglaze transfer prints.

General Purchasing Advice

creamwareCreamware is still made today and therefore care should be taken regarding attributions of dating and factory.

Plain creamware is best if it looks clean and crisp. Heavily stained items are best avoided.

Restoration is acceptable depending on the rarity of the item. Items which are over restored are best avoided on common tablewares.

As a general guide it is adviseable to collect English pieces from the 18th century.This is the period when creamware was at its height of perfection and pieces from this time have an extra quality which has never been surpassed.

Also it is good to place items from this period into a social and historical context. It is a wonder how so many pieces of this delicate ware survived through its 200 years.


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