Agate Gemstones

Gemstone Information

These gemstones belong to the Chalcedony family and appear in an extensive range of colors and are often multicolored and stripy. Agate cultivates wealth, prosperity, good fortune, durability, recognition, valor, fortification, stability, harmony, liberality, strength, security and gratitude in nature.

Stones are also considered power stone. They are concrete and established. These gemstones have an admirable defensive and therapeutic energy and encourage methodical capabilities and accuracy. If you prefer to deal with figures, Excel sheets, graphs and accounts, an Agate crystal will assist you to be more specific.

Additionally, it also helps stimulate your intrinsic, natural talents. This stone is also recommended for banking or financial aspects. This gemstone is useful when starting a better friendship, especially if you be liable to get approach with a forceful or powerful individual that doesn’t create a good impression.

Below are some added helpful properties of Agate Gemstone:

  • Bitterness: Predominantly accommodating to those individuals who’s having difficult times with forgiveness, and learning with letting go of any unpleasantness and hatred circumstances, mostly in relationships.
  • Stress: Use Agate when you are beleaguered, pressured, closed in or stifled with existing responsibilities and it is said to improve the enjoyment of nature.
  • Strength: During ancient times, the power of the four major elements was measured the most controlling forces in earth. It is also most prevailing stones. It was believed that Agates have the capability to make combatants both physically powerful and conquering in the battle, as well.
  • Courage: This stone encourage an individual to continue and sustain their own inner certainty despite the enticement around us.


Orange, yellow, red, brown (for the solidity in Earth), green (for remedial and optimism)


Develops self-esteem


Prevail over the unpleasantness of your heart, and personal anger


The most well-known place where Agate is deposited is in Germany during 1548 and other places include Mexico, Scotland, China USA, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, India, Madagascar, Italy, and Egypt.

Chemical Composition:


Holistic Aspects:

Agate is a spiraling, stimulating, and grounding gemstone. It is a brilliant stone for re-harmonizing and spirit, mind, and body. It cleanses out and stabilizes the atmospheres that eliminates and renovates negativity.

Improving physical rate (for running racing, and other physical activities) and useful with some significant parts of your body such as lymphatic system, blood vessels, lungs, absorption, anorexia and food issues, contaminants, infectivity, cold, and flu.

Agate is thought to have been used since at least 1570. It is said to come from the river Achates in Sicily and is generally a reddish-coloured stone. Agate is a highly sought-after precious gem, which for centuries has been widely used in the creation and encrustation of jewelry and everyday items.

These stones are thought to transmit less-than-positive energies, which benefits the wearer by enabling him or her to see   him or herself objectively. Additionally, agates are believed to help with tissue regeneration and rid the body of toxins.

Agate’s chemical composition number is Si02 and its hardness ratio is 6.5-7.

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