Fairbairns, William is associated with three partnerships that are all located in Hanley, Staffordshire:

Mark: WM. Fairbairns, A printed gartertype mark with crown above occurs with the name ‘WM. Fairbairns’

Thomas Cooper, Shelton (Hanley) 1863-65.

Upon Thomas Coopers death, William Fairbairns, Edwin Clarke, John Higginbottom, and John Cartlidge were the executors and trustees, who continued the firm, until this partnership was dissolved on December 16, 1865.

Ambrose Bevington (& Co.) Hanley, 1871-91.

During the 1880-91 period, the trade name was Ambrose Bevington and Co.. At the time of the Dissolution of Partnership on December 31, 1891, William Fairbairns was Ambrose Bevington’s partner. At that time, both these potter’s were also concerned with the Hanley Porcelain Company.

Hanley Porcelain Co., Hanley, 1891-98.

This company of Burton Place, Hanley, succeeded Thomas Bevington. However, Ambrose Bevington and William Henry Fairbairns were also involved until the Dissolution of Partnership on December 31, 1891.