comparing prices from then  to today (2010) …..

total exports for the first six months of:

1865 – £680,112
worth in 2010 – £

1866 – £805,954
worth in 2010 – £

1867 – £827,834
worth in 2010 – £

1867 half year (Jan to June) export markets

Hanse Towns – £25,371
worth in 2010 – £2,400,000

France – £24,480
worth in 2010 – £2,300,00

British India – £41,352
worth in 2010 – £3,900,000

Australia – £43,962
worth in 2010 – £4,100,000

Brazil – £50,089
worth in 2010 – £4,700,000

British North America – £383,759
worth in 2010 – £36,000,000

Other Countries – £291,172
worth in 2010 – £27,000,000

[20 manufactories]

  • Adams, Wm. & Thos., Greenfield, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Adams, Wm., Jan., Newfield, Tunstall — Earthenware.
  • Beech & Hancock, Swan Bank Pottery, Tunstall —Earthenware suitable for Home Trade.
  • Blackhurst & Dunning, High Street, Tunstall- Earthenware.
  • Blackhurst & Co., Sandyford Pottery, Tunstall —Earthenware.
  • Bowers, Fredk. T., Brownhill’s Pottery, Tunstall — All kinds of Earthenware and China; London Agent, Thos. Bayley, Hatton Garden.
  • Challinor, Edward, High Street, Tunstall —Earthenware.
  • Clarke, Edward, High Street, Tunstall —Earthenware.
  • Elsmore & Foster, Clay Hills Pottery, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Emberton, Wm., Brownhills, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Ford, Challinor, & Co., Sandiford Pottery, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Hammersley, Ralph, Tunstall—Black Earthenware.
  • Hancock, Sampson, Victoria Street, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Holdcroft & Wood, George Street, Tunstall—All kinds of Plain and Decorated Earthenware; London Agency, 58, St. Paul’s Street, New North Road.
  • Keeling, Anthony, Well Street, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Meir, Henry, & Son, Greengates, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Oulsnam, W. B., High Street, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Turner & Tomkinson, High Street, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Wedgwood & Co., Unicorn Pottery, Tunstall—Earthenware.
  • Wood, Edmund T. W., Woodland Street, Tunstall—Earthenware.

[54 manufactories]

  • Alcock, Henry, & Co., Cobridge Works, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Alcock & Diggory, Hill Top Works, Burslem.
  • Allman, Broughton, & Co. Wedgwood Place, Burslem—Earthenware, General Earthenware for Home and Foreign Markets.
  • Bates, George, & Co., Cobridge.
  • Bates & Co., Cobridge—Earthenware.
  • Beech, Jane, Queen Street, Burslem—Toys and Fancy.
  • Bennett, William, Sneyd Pottery, Albert Street, Burslem—Earthenware for General Home use and for Exportation; London Agent, Geo. Marshall, 13, Lime Street, E.C.
  • Bodley, E. P., & Co., Wedgwood Place, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Boote, T. & R., Waterloo Road, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Boughton, R. T., & Co., Fountain Place, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Brough, Joynson, & Co., Bourne’s Bank, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Brownfield, William, Cobridge—Improved Ironstone and Earthenware.
  • Burgess & Leigh, Market Place, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Cartwright, Thomas, Sneyd Green Pottery, Cobridge— Ironstone, China, Earthenware, Enamelled, Gilt, Bronze Lustre Ware, etc.
  • Cockson, Chetwvnd, & Co., Granite Works, Cobridge—Granite Ware, Table Toilette, Tea and Dessert Services, and Articles adapted for the American Markets.
  • Collinson, Chas., & Co., Fountain Place, Burslem—Chemical and Sanitary Articles.
  • Cork, Edge, & Malkin, Navigation Road, Burslem—Earthenware and Lustre.
  • Corn, W., & Co., Navigation Road, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Corns, James, Amicable Buildings, Burslem—Creel Steps.
  • Daniel & Cork, Navigation Road, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Davenport, Wm., & Co., Davenport Street, Burslem—China and Earthenware.
  • Dean & Stokes, Mill Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Edwards & Son, Newcastle Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Elliott & Son, Dale Hall Works, Newcastle Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Evans & Booth, Hamil Road, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Forrester, John, Podmore Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Furnival & Co., Cobridge — Earthenware.
  • Godwin, John, Sneyd Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Halling, Harden, Wellington Street, Burslem—Creel Steps.
  • Hancock, Whittingham, & Co., Swan Bank Works, Chapel Square, Burslem — Earthenware.
  • Hawthorne, John, Albert Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Heath, Blackhurst, & Co., Hadderidge Pottery, Burslem—Plain and Ornamental Earthenware.
  • Hobson, Charles, Albert Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Holdcroft, Hill, & Mellor, Queen Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Hope & Carter, Fountain Place, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Hughes, Thomas, Cunard Pottery, Burslem—Granite.
  • Hughes, Elijah, Bleak Hill Pottery, Cobridge — Granite, Printed and Painted, Edged Ware, etc.
  • Lawton, John W, Waterloo Road, Burslem.
  • Lea, Smith, & Boulton, Market Place, Burslem—China and Earthenware.
  • Macintvre, James, & Co., Washington Works, Burslem— Mortice Lock and Bell Lever Furniture, Finger Plates, Shutter Drawer and Door Knobs, Mortars and Pestles, Sign Letters, Garden Labels, Artists’ Palettes, Slabs, Colour Tiles, etc.
  • Maddock, John, & Son, Newcastle Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Massey, Nehemiah, Kilncroft, Burslem—Teapots and Figures.
  • Meakin Brothers, Peel Street, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Meakin & Co., Cobridge—Earthenware.
  • Pearson, Edward, Sneyd Green, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Pinder, Bourne, & Co., Nile Street Works, Burslem—Ironstone, China, and Earthenware; London Agency, 17, Gracechurch Street, E.C.
  • Plant & Gardener, Bourne’s Bank, Burslem:—Earthenware.
  • Shaw, Anthony, Newport Lane, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Till & Sons, Liverpool Road, Burslem—China and Earthenware.
  • Vernon, James, Waterloo Road, Burslem—Earthenware.
  • Wallet, John, High Street, Burslem—Teapots and Toys.
  • Wigley, William Henry, Sylvester Square, Burslem—Black and Lustre.
  • Wigley, George, Sylvester Square, Burslem—Creel Steps.
  • Wood, Morgan, & Co., Liverpool Road, Burslem—Earthenware.

[54 manufactories]

  • Allen, H. G., Broad Street, Hanley—China.
  • Ash, George, Broad Street, Hanley—Parian and Majolica.
  • Ashworth, G. L., & Brothers, Broad Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Baddeley, Jas. H., Gloucester Street, Hanley—Rustic Ware.
  • Baguley, George, Broad Street, Hanley—China.
  • Bailey & Bevington, Elm Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Bamford, John, Nelson Place, Hanley—Jugs and Figures.
  • Bennett & Rathbone, Wharf Lane, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Bentley, Noah, Bryan Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Bevington, John, Great York Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Bevington, J. & T., Marsh Street, Hanley—China and Parian.
  • Brown Westhead, Moore, & Co., Cauldon Place, Hanley—China, Earthenware, Parian, Sanitary and Druggists’ Ware; London Office and Show Room, 107, Hatton Garden.
  • Buckley, Jas., Vine Street, Hanley—Sanitary Ware.
  • Buller, W. W., & Co , Eastwood Vale, Hanley.
  • Clementson Brothers, Phoenix Works, Broad Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Cooper, Wm. Thos., Trustees of the late,, Royal Victoria Manufactory (Charles Brock, Manager) Hanley—Every kind of China and Earthenware of Useful and Ornamental Descriptions; London Agent, Mr. John Leslie, Crosby Hall Chambers, E.C.
  • Daniel & Lett, China Works, Shelton, Hanley.
  • Davenport, Banks, & Co., Castle Field Pottery, Etruria, near Stoke-on-Trent— General Earthenware, White Ware, Porous, Antique, and Fancy Goods.
  • Dimmock, John, & Co., Albion Works, Hanley—Stone and Earthenware, Plain and Decorated.
  • Dudson, James, Hanover Street, Hanley—Earthenware and Parian.
  • Evans & Coyne, Brunswick Street, Hanley—China and Earthenware.
  • Ford, Thos. & Chas., Cannon Street, Hanley—China.
  • Ford, Chas., Parker Street, Hanley.
  • Gelson, William, & Co., Hanley.
  • Harding, W. & J., Marsh Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Hodgkinson, Elijah, Mayer Street Works, Hanley—Stone and Parian.
  • Hodgkinson, William, New Street, Hanley—Earthenware and Parian.
  • Holloway, John, Market Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Howson, George, Paxton Street, Hanley—Sanitary Ware.
  • Livesley, William, Cannon Street, Hanley—Earthenware, Ornamental China Figures, Parian, Statuary, etc.
  • Meakin, J. & G, Eagle Pottery, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Mills Brothers, George Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Mills, John, Clough Street— Brown Ware.
  • Old Hall Pottery Company, Limited, Old Hall Street, Hanley—Earthenware, Parian, and China.
  • Oldham, James, Ranelagh Works, Hanley —Earthenware, Mosaic and Ornamental Stoneware, China Door Furniture, Lustre, Parian, etc.; London Agency, Ely Place, Holborn.
  • Pankhurst, James W., & Co., Old Hall Street, Hanley—White Granite Earthenware.
  • Pointon, William B., Parker Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Powell & Bishop, Miles’ Bank and Church Works, Hanley—Earthenware and China, China Figures and Parian Statuary.
  • Ridgway, Edward J., Bedford Works, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Sale, John, Bryan Street, Hanley— Parian.
  • Smith, John, Hope Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Stanway, Horne, & Adams, Eastwood Vale, Hanley—Parian.
  • Stubbs, William, Eastwood Pottery, Hanley—Egyptian Black, Stone Ware, Lustre, Figures, Candlesticks, Toys, etc.
  • Taylor, William, Brook Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Taylor Brothers, Market Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Twyford, Christopher, New Street, Hanley—Sanitary Ware.
  • Twyford, Thomas, Bath Street, Hanley—Beer Pump Handles and Spirit Barrels, Water Closets, Blue and Marble Pan Basins, Plug Basins, Blue, Marble, Enamelled, Gilt, Yellow Closets and Traps and Sanitary Ware.
  • Unwin, Holmes, & Worthington, High Street, Hanley—Earthenware.
  • Venables, Henry, Mill Street, Hanley—Porous and Etruscan.
  • Warrington, William, Brewery Street, Hanley—Parian.
  • Wardle, James, William Street, Hanley—Parian and Majolica.
  • Wedgwood, Josiah, & Sons, Etruria Potteries, Stoke-upon-Trent—Earthenware, Stoneware, Chemical Ware, Sanitary Ware, Majolica, Jasper, Parian, etc.
  • Worthington & Son, Brook Street, Hanley—Toilet Ware, Ornamental Figures, Stone Ware, and Coloured Bodies.
  • Worthington & Harrop, Tinker’s Clough, Hanley—Parian

[12 manufactories]

  • Close, J. T., Church Street, Stoke-upon-Trent.
  • Copeland, W. T., & Sons, (late Spode & Copeland) Stoke-on-Trent—Porcelain, Earthenware, and Glass; London House, 160, New Bond Street,
  • Goss, William Henry, John Street, Stoke-on-Trent—China, Parian Statuettes, etc., Terra Cotta, Fire Clay, and Patent Goods.
  • Grose & Co., Church Street, Stoke-on-Trent—Earthenware.
  • Hill, Leveson, Executors of, Wharf Street, Stoke-on-Trent—Parian.
  • Jones, George, & Co., Trent Pottery, Church Street, Stoke-on-Trent—Earthenware.
  • Kirkham, William, London Road, Stoke-on-Trent —Earthenware, Terra Cotta, Stone Ware Lamps, Chemists’ Ware, Boxes, Jars, etc.; London Agent, 13, Lime Street, E.C.
  • Kirkham, William, North Staffordshire, Brick and Tile Works, Stoke-on-Trent— Plain and Ornamental Tiles, Ridges, Quarries, etc.
  • Minton, Herbert, & Co., Stoke-upon-Trent—China and Earthenware of every Description, Majolica Vases, Flower Pots, Sec., Parian Statuary, Plain and Enamelled Tiles, etc.; London Agency, 50, Conduit Street, Regent Street, W.
  • Minton, Hollins, & Co., Stoke-upon-Trent—Encaustic Tiles; London Agency, 50, Conduit Street, Regent Street, W.
  • Robinson & Leadbeater, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent—Parian Statuary.
  • Turner, Hassall, & Peake, Copeland Street, Stoke-on-Trent—Earthenware, China, and Parian.

[14 manufactories]

  • Baker, W., & Co., High Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Challinor, Edward & Charles, King Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Edwards, John, King Street, Fenton—China and Earthenware.
  • Gimson, Baker, & Challinor, Market Street, Fenton.
  • Green, Mary, & Co., Minerva Works, Park Street, Fenton—China.
  • Hawley & Co., King Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Jackson & Gosling, King Street, Fenton—China.
  • Knight, Joseph, King Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Malkin, Ralph, Park Works, Fenton— Earthenware.
  • Pratt, F. R., & Co., Fenton Potteries—Druggists’ Sundries, Terra Cotta, and Uniquely Ornamented Earthenware.
  • Pratt, John, & Co., Park Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Robinson, Hudson, & Co., King Street, Foley, Fenton—China.
  • Wathen, James B., Market Street, Fenton—Earthenware.
  • Wileman, J. & C, Foley Pottery, Fenton—China and Earthenware.

[68 manufactories]

  • Adams, John, The Executors of, Park Place, and Victoria Works, High Street, Longton—China; London Agent, Mr. Samuel Statham, 5, Featherstone Buildings, E.C.
  • Adams, Scrivener, & Co., Sutherland Road, Longton—China, Tea, Breakfast, and Dessert Ware; Ornamental Vases, etc.; London Agent, Mr. T. E. Small, 17, Ely Place, E.C.
  • Adams & Cooper, High Street, Longton—China.
  • Adderley, Shaw, & Goldstraw, Daisy Bank Works, Longton—Chimney Pots, Etc.
  • Allerton, Chas., & Son, Park Works, High Street, Longton—China and Earthenware, and Gold and Silver Lustres.
  • Aynsley, John, Sutherland Road, Longton—China.
  • Baddeley, William, Drury Works, Longton—Rustic Ware, Terra Cotta, for Floral mid Horticultural Purposes; London Agent, Mr. Saml. Bowen, 83, Farringdon Street, E.C.
  • Baddeley, Elizabeth, Commerce Street, Longton—Rustic Ware and Terra Cotta.
  • Barlow, Thomas, Cyple’s Old Pottery, Longton—China.
  • Barlow, T. W., Commerce Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Beech, James, & Son, Albert Works, Longton—China, Tea, Breakfast, and Dessert Services, Trinkets, etc.; London Agent, W. Large, Sen., 9, Hatton Garden.
  • Bentley, Thomas, & Co., Church Street, Longton—China, various.
  • Bettany, Thos., Crown Works, Stafford Street, Longton—-China.
  • Birks, Thomas, High Street, Longton—China, Earthenware, Gold and Silver Lustre.
  • Bold, Henry, Daisy Bank, Longton—Rustic Ware and Terra Cotta.
  • Brammall & Repton, Heathcote Road, Longton—China.
  • Bridgwood, Sampson, & Son, Anchor Works, Sutherland Road, Longton—China and Earthenware.
  • Broadhurst, James, Crown Pottery, Stafford Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Brough Brothers, & Co., Gold Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Cartledge, John, & Co., Market Street, Longton— China.
  • Cartwright, Moses, Cornhill Passage, Longton—Insulators.
  • Cartwright & Edwards, Russell Street, Longton— Earthen ware.
  • Cheetham, J. R. & F., Chancery Lane, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Cooper & Nixon, Viaduct Works, Longton—Earthenware.
  • W. Copestake Brothers, Anchor Road, Longton—China.
  • Copestake & Allin, High Street, Longton—China.
  • Dawson, James, Commerce Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Edwards, Jas., & Son; Market Street, Longton — China.
  • Edwards, Geo., & Co., Cyple’s Lane, Longton – China.
  • Elkin, Saml., Stafford Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Ferneyhough, John, & Co., Dresden Works, Stafford Street, Longton—China.
  • Finney & Co., Victoria Works, Stafford Street, Longton—China for Home and Export Markets.
  • Gibson & Hallam, St. Martin’s Lane, Longton—China.
  • Grove, R. H., Palissy Works, Chancery Lane, Longton—Rustic Ware, Lustre, China, and Earthenware.
  • Hackney & Co., Daisy Bank, Longton—Parian.
  • Hampson Brothers, New Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Hammersley, Freeman, & Co., Prince of Wales’ Works, Sutherland Road, Longton— China, Tea, Breakfast, Trinket, and Dessert Services.
  • Hodson, Richard, Chancery Lane, Longton—China.
  • Holdcroft, Joseph, St. Martin’s Lane, Longton—Silver Lustre.
  • Holland & Green, Stafford Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Hopwood, W., Executors Of The Late, Church Street, Longton—China.
  • Hudden, J. T., Stafford Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Hulse, Nixon, & Adderley, Daisy Bank Pottery, Longton—China and Earthenware, White and Decorated, for Home, Colonial, Continental, South American and other Markets.
  • Jones, Frederick, Stafford Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Jones, H., & Co., Chadwick Street, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Jones, Shepherd, & Co., Portland Works, Church Street, Longton—Earthenware of all descriptions.
  • Keeling, Walker, & Co., High Street, Longton—Gold and Silver Lustre and Figure
  • Lockett, John, King Street, Longton—China, Earthenware, and Lustre.
  • Lowe & Abberley, Waterloo Works, Longton — Earthenware.
  • Mason, Holt, & Co., Normacott Road, Longton—China.
  • Moore & Son, St. Mary’s Works, Longton—China.
  • Page & Dale, Church Street, Longton.
  • Poole, Sutherland, & Hallam, Cornhill Passage, Longton—Gold and Silver Lustre, Parian, etc.
  • Proctor, J. H., & Co., High Street, Longton— Earthenware.
  • Robinson & Son, Wellington Works, Stafford Street, Longton—China.
  • Shepherd & Co., Eagle Works, Stafford Street, Longton—Decorated China and Earthenware.
  • Shepherd & Jones, Church Street, Longton.
  • Smith, Sampson, Sutherland Works, Barker Street, Longton —China and Gold and Silver Lustre.
  • Stubbs, Tomlinson, & Billington, High Street, Longton—China and Parian.
  • Sutherland & Sons, Parkhall Street, Longton—Parian and Tena Cotta.
  • Tams & Lowe, High Street, Longton—Lustre, Egyptian Black, Turquoise, Cain, Sage, and Printed Ware, Stone Mortars, etc.
  • Taylor, William, & Co., Church Street, Longton.
  • Walker, Carter, & Co., Anchor Road, Longton—Earthenware.
  • Webb & Co., Peel Pottery, Stafford Street, Longton—China, all sorts, for Home and Foreign Markets.
  • Webb & Walters, Stafford Street, Longton—Gold and Silver Lustre.
  • Webberley, William, High Street, Longton—China.
  • Williams & Co., Clayton Street, Longton—China.
  • Wood & Co., Mount Pleasant, Longton—China.
  • Yearsley, George, Market Lane, Longton—Parian.

[4 manufactories]

  • Baker & Co., Shelton New Road, Newcastle—Parian.
  • Brough & Son, Silverdale Tileries, Newcastle—Metallic Blue Tiles and Bricks, Facing and Paving Bricks, Roofing, Ridge, and Flooring Tiles, Garden Border, etc.
  • Duckett, Charles, King’s Field, Newcastle—Earthenware.
  • North Staffordshire Brick & Tile Company, Limited, Chesterton, near Newcastle— Tiles, Bricks, etc.