Examples of patterns in production just after Susie Cooper had left (October 1929) and which may be attributable to Dorothy Tomes. These are all freehand painted designs:

  • Square plate, 8846, 135 sq, mark H4.
  • Paris jug, 9061 Hampton, 104 high, mark H4.
  • Coffee can & saucer, 8755, can 54 dia, mark H4.
  • Paris jug, 9300, 86 high, mark N1.
  • Coffee can & saucer, 8885 Applique, can 52 dia, mark H4.
  • Milk jug, 8539, 83 high, mark D5.

Nothing is known about this employee apart from the regular comments about her existence as ‘the designer’ by a number of retired members of the workforce in the 1970s/80s. At that time, there was a general consensus that Miss Tomes was creating patterns, often with an element of black colour in them, “around the time that Miss Cooper left” (ie late 1929 into early 1930). Various patterns have been recorded in the range 8700 – 9300  that exhibit black features and which may be attributable to this enigmatic designer.

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