Liberon Wax Filler Sticks are used for filling minor scratches, nail holes, small cracks, etc. Can be softened & moulded in the hand for hole filling or rubbed in for scratches. Excess wax can be easily removed by gently buffing with a soft cloth. Made from a base of hard wax & natural earth pigments, this modern form of traditional cabinet maker’s beaumontage has the advantage of being usable without melting & not being subject to shrinkage. Suitable for use in furniture, wooden frames, beams, parquet floors & other woodworking applications.

Colours Available:


  • 00 White
  • 01 Ivory
  • 02 Light Oak
  • 03 Medium Walnut
  • 05 Mahogany
  • 06 Teak
  • 07 Dark Mahogany
  • 08 Medium Oak
  • 09 Dark Walnut
  • 10 Dark Oak
  • 12 Ebony
  • 15 Light Pine
  • 16 Pine
  • 19 Dark Yew
  • 21 Light Walnut
  • 23 Rosewood
  • 25 Magnolia

Directions for use


As a crack/hole filler:

  • Shave off a small piece & work in the fingers until it is soft enough to press into the crack or hole using a putty knife. Hold near a heat source for a short while to soften the wax prior to use.

As a grain filler:

  • Suitable for use with the Black Bison range of staining waxes to obtain a deep gloss in one application. Apply the staining wax first then rub the stick evenly over the surface filling all the small holes along the grain structure. Allow to dry then burnish to a nice gloss with a soft, cotton cloth.

Close colour match can be achieved by mixing colours. When in doubt, choose a colour shade slightly darker than the wood itself, this makes the repair less obvious.

Liberon products enhance wood surfaces & enrich the spirit of the finish!