Every picture tells a story,
Like the Willow Pattern Plate,
Where two lovers dwell in glory,
And defied paternal hate.
By elopement from the castle
You observe upon the ridge,
Where the violent old rascal
Chases them across the bridge.
Tries to catch the rogue and whip him,
because he steals the daughter fair;
But the loving pair outrun him,
Let him languish in despair.
Thrown upon their own resources,
In a boat they emigrate,
To a splendid little oasis,
Near the margin of the plate.

Dwell in peace, while unmolested,
In most perfect harmony;
Till at length they are arrested,
by her fathers army.
Then the tyrant lord appeals to
Law and with their power;
Caught, confined them,
they now have their meals too
In that horrid little tower.
When the pair are executed,
To appease their lord irate,
To a pair of doves they transmuted,
Still they fly upon the plate.
Every picture tells a story,
Like the Willow Pattern blue,
And true love will reign in glory,
To infinity! Adieu

Failure happens to those who are afraid to try again.