Do you know what it is?
Well, I can tell you the difference and it is this simple!

Pottery uses the potter’s wheel and ceramics uses a mold or is done by hand.

I have done both, but mainly ceramics for a living and my studio was in the basement of my house and I used slip to fill my molds.

I had the studio for 13 years, but quit pouring my own greenware and got rid of my kilns and have been buying my greenware and firing them at the local ceramic shops.

It is a lot less mess for me to keep cleaned up.

When handling bisque, which is greenware that has been fired, the thing you need to remember most while working with it is to have clean hands, area and brushes, or your paint and glazes will not stick to the piece.

Clean your tools right after you use them so clay does not accumulate over time and last but not least……

PLAN AHEAD and always set a timer to remind you when you have slip in a mold!

Some of the tools you might need if you want to be a ceramic artist like me, include many brushes and several cleaning devices.

They include: fettle, for removing seam lines, spoolie and stylist.

I taught myself how to glaze greenware, apply color with chalk, paint with acrylics and antique the pieces.

After underglazes are put on, the pieces are fired in a kiln.

The time it takes to complete a piece may vary from half an hour to a week.

Credit: Pottery Magic