Charles AHRENFELDT (1807-94) was born in Germany. He began importing porcelain into New York City in the 1830s. During the 1840s he moved to Paris and had a decorating studio. Sometime between 1859 and the late 1860s he established an exporting firm in Limoges and developed a wide export market, especially to North America.

Around 1884 he also started decorating porcelain in Limoges. Possibly around this time he established started his porcelain factory. The son Charles J. Ahrenfeldt (1856-1934) took over this porcelain factory in 1894, upon the father’s death. In 1896 he built a porcelain factory in the Montjovis district of Limoges.

M. Grob took over the factory in 1917. Grob was mentioned as manager of the new factory from 1896, and he is also mentioned as the company’s Zurich agent, possibly before 1896 The company made high quality porcelain and won the Grand Prix at the Art Deco Exposition in 1925. The factory was enlarged in 1926.

Grob died in 1934 and was succeeded by his widow. A finance group bought the factory in 1958, production diminished, and the factory closed in 1969.