As well as the famous Josiah Wedgwood several other potters used the name WEDGWOOD (or similar names) on their ware – either because their name was Wedgwood, or because they copied the name and/or ware in order to boost their own sales.

In 1848 Francis Wedgwood (son of Josiah Wedgwood II) who was one of the owners of the Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Etruria works took out an injunction against William Smith & Co to prevent them using the Wedgwood mark.

No true Wedgwood ware used a middle ‘E’ as ‘WEDGEWOOD’ or used ‘& CO.’ or an initial ‘J’

Companies with the name Wedgwood:

Ralph Wedgwood

Location: Burslem
Started: c.1785
Finished: 1796

Location: Ferrybridge
Started: c.1796
Finished: 1801

Location: Yorkshire

Josiah Wedgwood (& Sons Ltd.)

Location: Burslem
Started: 1759
Finished: 1772

Location: Etruria
Started: 1769
Finished: 1950

Location: Barlaston
Started: 1940
Finished: Present

Wedgwood & Co. (Ltd.) Tunstall
Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstall) Ltd

Location: Tunstall
Started: 1860
Finished: 1965

Location: Tunstall
Started: 1965
Finished: 1980