Warring states period dynasty – (475BC – 221BC)
At this time five major ‘states’ were struggling for power. Fine workmanship produced high quality decorative crafts at this time including Jade, which was the highest form of money and wealth. Confucius emerged during this time.

Han dynasty – (206BC – 220AD)
This was the golden age of Chinese culture. The culture of Jade was at its height, including Jade burial suits for the rulers. The Great Wall grew quickly to protect the newly unified Empire’s northern borders.

Gin dynasty – (221BC – 206BC)
The First Emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, unified China, and built roads, made standard laws, and weights and measures.

Three kingdoms period dynasty – (220 – 265AD)
A period of further unrest and a great decline in the Jade culture and output

Jin dynasty – (265 – 420AD)
There was a collapse of trade and little to make this Dynasty memorable for Jade

Southern & northern dynasty – (420-589AD)

Sui dynasty – (589 – 618AD)
There was an awakening to culture again at this time, but little Jade production

Tang dynasty – (618 – 907AD)
Further growth in trade, especially with tribes around the outlying empire, and beads and large pottery was produced. Jade was in limited production, decorative belt fittings and a few figures were made.

LiaoJin dynasty – (907 – 947AD)
This was a time when Northern Tribes were strong, but couldn’t conquer the south. In the north, the Dynasty continued until 1125AD. Liao and Jin Dynasties overlapped, Jin (1115-1234AD)

Song dynasty – (960 – 1279AD)
The Arts flourished in the Song (Sung) Dynasty. The use and collection of Jade flourished, and Emperors arranged for excavations of old tombs to acquire the best old Jade. Xinjiang Province, now recognised as the prime locale for pure white jade was greatly used to supply the Emperors

Yuan dynasty – (1279 – 1368AD)
The Mongols became the new rulers through conquest, Genghis Khan building a huge Empire. They were great conquerors but lost interest in ruling in under a hundred years, and gave way to a native Chinese family

Ming dynasty – (1368 – 1644AD)
A golden period of Chinese history. With the nation at peace the Arts flourished greatly, and trade with outside nations grew. A lot of raw Jade was available and the centres of carving were bouyant. Newly rich merchants became patrons of the Arts and especially Jade.

Ging dynasty – (1644 – 1911AD)
The Manchus took power in another revolt. The Emperors Kangxi and Qinlong were great patrons of the Arts. During the Qinlong (Chien Lung) period 1736-1796AD the finest quality Jade and the greatest carvers came together in the Palace workshops to make the most superb Jade pieces. This is recognised as a special time for Jade production, and are much sought after. During the late 19th century the quality of Jade work slipped