1. The Prunus is the flower of the first Month. It represents winter and symbolizes beauty.
2. Peach Blossom – second Month, charm against evil.
3. The Tree Peony – 3rd Month, represents spring and symbolizes health, riches, honor, love and affection, feminine beauty, and prosperity.
4. Cherry Blossom – 4th Month, feminine beauty.
5. Magnolia – 5th Month, feminine sweetness and beauty.
6. Pomegranate Blossom – 6th Month.
7. Lotus Flower – the 7th Month, represents summer and symbolizes purity amid adverse surroundings and creative power, Fem. genius. The Lotus Pod – symbolizes offspring and fruitfulness.
8. Pear Blossom – 8th Month, wise and benevolent administration.
9. Mallow Kuei Hua – 9th Month.
10. Chrysanthemum Ju – 10th Month. Represents autumn and symbolizes solid friendship, joviality, life of ease, retirement from public office. Its Chinese name sound similar to the words “remain, nine, and long time”. The best time to pick Chrysanthemums is on the 9th day of the 9th month.
11. Gardenia – the 11th Month.
12. Poppy – the 12th Month