Cut glass, which is simply blown or pressed glass ground upon a wheel, goes back at least to produced as far back as the second millennium BC by the Egyptians & perhaps the Phoenicians. Yet evidently it originated in Mesopotamia, where pieces of well made glass have been found, believed to date from the third millennium BC. However, there is no proof that any cut glass was made in England before the beginning of the 18th century.

Many of the glass cutters employed in American factories originally came from Europe, … and influenced the designs produced in America until 1880.

The earliest cut and engraved glass produced in America was probably manufactured (during the last half of the 18th century) at Henry Williams Stiegel’s glass factory in Manheim, Pennsylvania., and the works established in Fredericktown, MD by John Frederick Amelung. ….In 1882, Phillip McDonald designed the ‘Russian’ pattern for T.G. Hawkes & Co, and from this point on American cut glass wares became richer in both design and quality.

Many Cut Glass companies were located in the Honesdale area of Pennsylvania. The following information is taken from Revi (see N.B. bottom of page)

Dorflinger Glass Museum
This collection of original brilliant cut glass is from the Dorflinger Glass Co. is located
located on Long Ridge Rd in White Mills on Rt 6 north of Hawley, Pennsylvania. Christian Dorflinger established the Dorflinger Glass Works company in 1862. It was one of the top quality companies of the era, and his glass was used by several Presidents. The collection ranges from the very rare colored (cut-to clear) crystal hand carved glass to the techniques of the lost art of cut glass.

J. B. Clark & Co.
In 1884, Thomas Byron Clark established a cut glass factory in Seelyville. The last design pattern for cut glass issued to this company was registered on January 15, 1924.”(1)

Luzerne Cut Glass Co
The factory was located on Delaware Avenue in West Pittston. It was operated by O.S. Atterholt, and it closed around 1930

Krantz & Smith Co
In 1893, John Krantz and John Smith established a glass cutting shop on the second floor of Wyman Kimble’s factory at the foot of West 12th St in Honesdale. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1932.

Gibbs, Kelly & Co / Barryville Cut Glass Shop
William Gibbs and Michael Kelly opened a glass cutting shop in the W.W. Weston Building on Race St. in Honesdale. It moved to Hawley in 1909. It was in operation as of 1918.

Union Cut Glass Co
The factory was located on the corner of West 13th and Spring St (now Westside Ave) in Honesdale, and that company afterward became the Irving Cut Glass Co and relocated at the foot of East Park St.(1)

Irving Cut Glass Co.
The factory was established in 1900 on West 13th St (now Westside Ave), but moved to Park St, where it continued to operate until the early 1930’s.

Herbeck-Demer Co.
It was active in Honesdale from about 1904 to 1911, when Demer brothers formed their own company in Hallstead. It closed in 1918.

McKanna Cut Glass Co.
The factory was established on 1906 at 1008 Mains St in Honesdale, and continued to operate until 1927.

Crystal Cut Glass Co
The factory was located at the foot of West 14th Street in the former Kelly & Steinman Factory. It was operated by Dr. Pierson B. Peterson from approx. 1913 to 1918.

Wayne Cut Glass Co.
The factory was established on 1905 at East Park St. in Honesdale. Another factory was opened in Towanda in 1910 at the corner of Main and Elizabeth Streets. The company continued to operate until at least 1920.

John S. Connor – American Rich Cut Glass Co.
In 1890, John Sarsfield O’Connor erected a …cutting factory at the foot of Wallenpaupack Falls in Hawley. It was eventually sold to Maple City Glass Co. (1) in 1919.

Maple City Glass Co.
Formerly the John S. Connor factory, it was located in Hawley

Keystone Cut Glass Co – Wall & Murphy
In 1902, the Keystone Cut Glass Co was formed in 1902 in Hawley, and closed in 1918

Clinton / Elite Cut Glass Co.
Charles C. Wilmarth founded the Clinton Cut Glass Co in 1905 in the village of Aldenville ( on Rt 170 between Rt371 and Rt 652 north of Honesdale) on the Lackawaxen River near a dam , which provided the power to turn the cutting wheels. It was sold to Elite Cut Glass Manufacturing Co in 1918, which continued to operate until 1924

Pioneer Cut Glass Co.
The company was formed in 1905 in Carbondale, and closed in 1920

Becker & Wilson / Mahon & Wilson
The factory was established in 1903 in Montrose, and continued to operate for 15 or 20 years.

Tunkahannock Glass Co
They operated a cutting shop in Tunkannock from 1894-1906

Ryon Cut Glass Co
The company was formed before the turn of the century, but was incorporated in 1903 in the town of Lawrenceville (near Moosic). It continued to operate until 1913.

Stage-Kashins Cut Glass Co.
The factory was established in 1911 on Mechanic St in Lawrenceville, and continued to operate until the early 1920’s