Beatles memorabila, especially items connected with Lennon, who was shot dead in New York in 1980 aged 40, are hugely popular with collectors and Beatles fans.

If there is an excellent provenance anything related to John Lennon and the Beatles is very collectable. There are collectors from around the world who would love to have them.

Without a doubt, they were one of the most significant bands in the history of rock and roll music. Throughout the 1960’s, the Beatles gained fans around the world and continued to command a large following even after their 1970 breakup. It is those enduring fans that fuel continuing interest in several different kinds of Beatles memorabilia.

Perhaps the single most important of all Beatles collectibles is the infamous “Butcher Cover,” the original album cover for the 1966 Capitol Records release Yesterday and Today. The cover depicted the four Beatles dressed in butcher smocks and draped with sections of raw meat and various body parts from plastic babies. Due to immediate public outcry, the roughly 750,000 LPs distributed with the cover were immediately recalled and an alternative cover was pasted over many of the recalled covers. Collectors today compete to own a copy of one of the original unblemished covers or one of the album covers where it is possible to faintly see elements of the butcher cover under the alternative cover.

Another rarity in Beatles records is the series of Christmas music released throughout the 1960’s to members of the Beatles’ official fan club. For several years during that decade, members were treated to special recordings that were not released to the public. At the time of the group’s 1970 breakup, these annual recordings were collected into a long playing record offering that also was released only to members of the official fan club. Both the original annual acetates as well as the 1970 compilation are considered extremely to be valuable Beatles memorabilia.

The large teenage following of the Beatles made them the darlings of teen magazines for several years. During that time, 16 Magazine, Tiger Beat and a host of other fan magazines offered a number of Beatles products, including photo albums, lapel buttons, and other interesting items. Many of these items were priced so that teens could easily afford them. Other lesser-known publications also offered items that are considered collectibles today.

Two other key items in Beatles memorabilia have to do with two very significant concerts. One is the 1965 appearance of the Beatles at Shea Stadium in the United States. This concert is notable as being one of the largest concerts of the day, with the Beatles filling the stadium to capacity. The other is the Beatles’ last concert appearance in 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. Posters from both these concerts are extremely rare and are highly prized. A few original editions feature the autograph of one or more of the band members, increasing the value of these collectibles.

A number of manufacturers offered a wide range of 1960’s toys, games, and even dolls and puppets based on the group. Some of these examples of BeatlesBeatles clothing, Beatles wigs, and even Beatles guitars. memorabilia are still in existence today and sell briskly among collectors. Bootleg copies of unreleased takes of some of their most famous songs also circulate from time to time, along with

Without a doubt, there is still a great deal of Beatles memorabilia available today. However, the competition among collectors and fans is often fierce and the prices for these valuable items are often extravagant.