The National Antique & Art Dealers Association is a non profit trade association of America’s leading dealers mutually pledged to safeguard the interests of those who buy, sell or collect antiques and works of art.

Founded in 1954, NAADAA seeks to promote the best interests of the antique and art trade; to sponsor and organise antique and art exhibitions: and, to promote just, honourable and ethical trade practices.

Many years of study and experience are necessary to acquire the specialised knowledge that has made NAADAA members recognized authorities in their various fields. Each member of the Association has earned a high reputation for integrity and fair dealing in all transactions, so that collectors can be confident that an antique or work of art is honestly represented as to authenticity, Provenance and condition.

NAADAA members take pride in careful, personalized service they provide. Whether to acquire a single object, or to start or add to a collection, the Association cordially invites you to visit the shops and galleries listed in this Directory, and to make use of members’ knowledge and experience.