Effective Jan. 1, 2009 eBay banned the sale of all items derived from any kind of ivory bearing animal. Banned items include: Elephant Ivory, Hippo, Mammoth, Whale Teeth, Warthog, and Walrus. Furthermore, one may not sell bone items from the animals listed above. It is not against US Federal law to trade elephant ivory inside the USA. Some states may have laws and restrictions about elephant ivory. Marine ivory has much tighter regulations. Mammoth ivory and ox bone are not illegal anywhere in the world.

The Sale of Ivory
Elk Antler, Mammoth & Ox bone – The sale of items derived from elk antler, mammoth ivory, and ox bone are not restricted by any laws. You may offer these items for international or domestic sale. Note: If you ship your item internationally, you still may be at risk that your item will be mistaken for a restricted ivory, such as Elephant Ivory. Customs officials are suspicious of items described as Mammoth Ivory, for example, and in some case may decide to delay your shipment, or even confiscate the item. Sellers ship their items at their own risk of confiscation or loss for any reason. AntiqueSpider assumes no responsibility for the loss of your legal items for any reason. Note: Using the word mammoth in your item’s description when the item is really derived from elephant ivory is against policy, is mail order fraud, and may violate Federal and international laws.

Restricted Ivories – Restricted ivories that are listed in the CITES International treaty because they are/were considered items derived from endangered species. The United States complies with CITES treaty and also has specific Federal laws pertaining to the commerce of these items. In addition, some states may have their own restrictions on these items. It is beyond the scope of this website to explain in full detail the specific laws and penalties for violations for each type of ivory. AntiqueSpider is not advising members on any of these laws and accepts no responsibility for misinformation or the misunderstanding of this page. Sell and buy at your own risk

Elephant Ivory – Items derived from African Elephant Ivory (AEI) are restricted by the CITES treaty. The CITES treaty includes African Elephants on their endangered species list, therefore, the import and export of AEI is highly regulated. US Federal law restricts the import and export of AEI. The US interstate commerce of AEI is permitted on legal ivory acquired pre-CITES. Some states may require special licenses for persons intending to trade in AEI. Sellers may offer any item derived from Pre-CITES AEI that is inside the USA for sale on this site inside the USA only. You may not offer AEI for export outside of the USA. You may not offer AEI to buyers requiring you to export/import from one country to another. You may not offer AEI requiring the importation of the item into the USA.

Marine Ivories ( Walrus Tusk & Whale Teeth & Narwhal Tusk ) – Sellers may only offer items derived from marine ivory to buyers in the same state. The Marine Mammal Protection Act is a law which prohibits non-Alaskan Natives from possessing raw walrus ivory that has not been handcrafted by Alaskan Natives. Walrus ivory tusk is highly regulated by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Raw walrus ivory predating the Dec. 21, 1972 law, tusks bearing the Alaska state seal, ivory that has been carved or scrimshawed by an Alaskan native (Eskimo) are legal to buy, possess, and sell inside the sellers state, (intrastate). Raw walrus ivory obtained after 12/21/72 is not legal to buy or sell unless both parties are Eskimo (it is legal to own). The interstate sale of items derived from whale teeth (scrimshaw or unworked), and narwhal are also highly regulated inside the USA. The import/export of marine ivory to or from the USA is prohibited. No federal documentation is required to sell marine ivory intrastate (inside your state). The importing and exporting of marine ivory items is also regulated by CITES. The documentation required for the sale of marine ivory from country to country varies and is beyond the scope of what is permissible on this website. Sellers are solely responsible for their listings and complying with any and all restrictions, including, but not limited to, U.S. and international laws.